SASE: self-addressed, stamped envelope.

	write out an envelope as if you were mailing yourself a letter. use
my address as the return address. put a stamp on it. then fold this envelope,
put it inside the envelope addressed to me, with your payment, & mail it off.

	| from: lish!                                       |
	|       lish address!                        stamp! |
	|                                                   |
	|                                                   |
	|                  to: your name here!              |
	|                      your address!                |
	|                      your city & state!           |
	|                                  your zip!        |
	|                                                   |

	asking for a SASE makes sending your retainers much easier - i don't
have to keep your address with your order, & i don't have to worry about
having proper postage on hand. & thus your retainers are mailed immediately
after they're made.