"Hey Lish! Just wanted to tell you that I received my retainers today and
they are totally awesome!  They totally exceeded my expectations of a 50 cent 
homemade retainer and work perfectly.  Thanks again! -Matt"

	i make cheap-assed retainers in 16 & 14ga from weedwhacker line. you
can do this at home, but i've already ruined a knife, so i may as well save
you the trouble. i've used these retainers successfully in nostril, septum,
eyebrow & assorted cartilage piercings. they do not work well for tongues.

	i'm charging $1 for two, with a SASE. the 16ga is clear, the 14ga is
a pale blue. i melt down one end into more or less a 3mm flatback so it'll
stay in. you specify the length; it's best to hand-trim the retainer to fit
your specific piercing, so order a quarter inch or so LONGER than your
piercing. covering the end with makeup or a nailpolish that matches your
skintone will further conceal your little punkrock secret.

	retainers should be used only in healed piercings. & i won't be
responsible if you do something stupid.

	email the following information to crank@got.net:
		- gauges (16 or 14)
		- lengths
		- your full name (as it will appear on the envelope)
	& i'll give you an address to send your dollar and self-addressed,
stamped envelope.

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